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Luxury Property Inspiration

A luxury property is generally expected to boast these features:

-        Prime location

-        High-end interior finishes

-        Professional quality kitchen appliances

-        Hotel-like amenities (pool, spa, sauna, gym, tennis court, etc.)




Unfortunately, the majority of us would cringe at the mere thought of the price tag of a property like this. However, there’s a few tips and tricks to bring a bit of luxury into your home.

All The Trimmings?

Luxurious trimmings such as marble counters, high quality flooring and fantastic light and tap fittings may not be attainable based on your budget, or perhaps these trimmings would not be accurately represented in the resale price of a property. Fear not! You can achieve a luxurious atmosphere on a budget with the following tips:

-        Resurface your kitchen and benches.

Rather than completely gutting your kitchen, a more time and cost effective method is resurfacing. Not only will this give your kitchen a whole new look, but it can also improve the water and heat resistance of your benchtops.


 resurface kitchens3


 -        Flooring solutions.

Repairing or replacing the flooring in a property can be a huge blow to your budget. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your flooring (particularly if you’re renting and can’t colour/replace it), why not make good use of some tasteful, well-placed rugs? Rugs are an excellent way to add a bit of luxury to a property. The best part? When it’s time to move, you can take your luxury-adding pieces with you! Get creative: layer rugs to make a statement, add your personality to your home whilst maintaining its condition!  


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-        Fix your fixtures!

If your light and tap fittings aren’t screaming luxury, don’t buy replacements until you’ve considered what exactly it is you’re not impressed with. If it’s just the colour or cleanliness of them, why not clean and/or colour them?


 876dc0f1bebf3a0eb86ea686f6fccd4f               how to spray paint shower fixtures



Amenity Awareness!

Ask yourself: do you REALLY have the time, space, and energy to obtain and maintain hotel-like amenities? Let someone else do the work! Scope out gyms, pools, parks, cinemas, which are walking distance to your property. Not only does this get you out and about, but also means that as soon as you get board of a particular piece of equipment, you can move on to the next one! A great way to see the amenity potential of a property is to look into its Walk Score. A Walk Score is a number out of 100, informing you of all amenities near your property. The higher the score, the higher the ‘walkability’ of a property is! Check out





Now that you have some luxury-on-a-budget inspiration, why not try a few of these tips out on your own property!? Also, if you’re currently on the hunt for a new property, keep these factors in mind. Astute Buyers Advocates have a great knowledge of amenities and their locations, and we also know what to look for to make your next property luxurious!