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Investment Pays!

Flashback to 2012, when we secured a wonderful Fitzroy North property for our clients Josh and Joelle. 

The three bedroom, well renovated brick Victorian home is close to trams, schools, shops and gardens. 

The ABA team acquired this property for $740,000.

Fast foward to today, and the property is valued at a whopping $1.2-1.3 MILLION! 

The property has almost doubled in value in just 5 years!

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In 2015, the same couple were assited by Astute Buyers Advocates in securing a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house in Ocean Shores NSW.

The Walgooan Way property is set on a generous block of land, with a double garage, verandahs both upstairs and on ground level and lovely gardens. This time, the ABA team secured the property for $495,000. 

Today? This NSW property is worth almost $200,000 more! That's a combined capital growth of nearly $750,000. Wow!