Why Use Us?

Many think that using the services of a Buyers’ Advocate is an expense. This is not the case. Buyers’ Advocates will save you money, whatever your budget. In Australia, Buyer’s Advocates are becoming more widely used, as awareness grows about their benefits. If you choose a licensed, professional Buyers’ Advocate, the saving you make on your next property could run into tens of thousands of dollars, will be less stressful and take less of your precious time.

An important question to ask a Buyers’ Advocate is whether they are truly exclusive and independent. If they accept sales commission from vendors or are affiliated with developers, then they cannot be classified as “independent” as they are acting in the interests of the seller.

There are 6 key reasons why we believe you should use Astute Buyers Advocates:

1   We are on YOUR side. As completely independent professional buyer’s advocates, we exclusively represent your interests - not the vendors.

2   We are professional negotiators. Not everyone is comfortable with negotiating. In this increasingly competitive property market, highly tuned professional negotiating skills are a necessity for making sure you get your property for the right price. 

3   We have a network of contacts that enables us to gain access to a wider choice of properties, many of which are not advertised. We receive information about ‘off the market’ properties that are on the ‘quiet’ or not listed with an agent. This gives you another edge over the competition!

4   We do all the searching and inspecting for you. Trawling property sites and inspecting properties is time consuming. We do the research and the leg-work so that only the properties meeting your brief are shortlisted to you. None of your time (especially on weekends!) is wasted inspecting properties that aren't right for you.  

5   We know the property market. Our in depth knowledge of market trends means we will source the right type of property in locations with good prospects for capital growth and solid rental returns. We assist investors build their property portfolio steadily by buying in growth areas with good yields. We are both home providers AND wealth creators!

6   We can bid at auction (or secure prior by negotiation if passed in), ensuring you buy the property at the best possible price, terms & conditions, whilst taking away the stress and the emotion. We have the best success rate due to our unique bidding system that has been refined over 15 years as auctioneers and bidders.