We offer clients varying levels of buyers’ advocacy service, depending on their individual needs.

Platinum Service

Our Platinum Service is the one 'with the lot'. It's designed for our busy clients who need assistance with all stages & facets of the buying process including: searching, research, bidding & negotiating. 

We also locate and inspect 'off the market' listings which the general public have not yet heard of – giving us the opportunity to jump straight into negotiations when the pool of interested buyers is still very low.

We will do all the legwork so you can rest easy knowing you will have a team of professionals facilitating the whole purchasing process for you. 

Gold Service:

This is a unique service which allows our team to work alongside our clients whilst searching for potential properties. This service is great for buyers who are actively looking themselves, but would like our assistance locating a potential property.

This allows for the client to save on service fees (if they locate the property that is eventually secured). It also allows for clients to be more involved in the process of searching for their property.  

Silver Service:

Have you found your dream property, but need the services of an expert valuer, bidder, and negotiator you can trust? A professional who will secure the property for you under the best possible terms, conditions, and price.

Our extensive negotiating experience has saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars in a single acquisition. Experience doesn’t cost, it pays!



Auction Bidding

Are you nervous or inexperienced with bidding at auction? Maybe you can't get there on the day. Are you from out of town, interstate, or interested in a property outside of Melbourne? If so, we highly recommend you explore our Hot Auction Bidders division– where we focus solely on bidding and post auction negotiations. 

Independent Market Assessment & Pre Purchase Inspections

We take into consideration what directly comparable properties have sold recently in the area, assess how the current market conditions will determine interest on your property, and what type of buyers it will appeal to. 

We evaluate your suburbs performance, and forecast the capital and rental growth in the future. We have access to over 30 years of sales data across Victoria! We have developed a unique valuing system, that incorporates the intrinsic value of a property.

Interstate and International Buyers

The Astute Buyers Advocates team have the knowledge and experience in securing the right property in the right location for you. We can streamline the whole process, saving you time, stress and money.

We have helped many expats from around the world find a new home after many years abroad, or find the perfect investment to add to their portfolio.